Price tags simplified!

Electronic shelf labels with automatic price updates

Quik is a price automation solution that helps you update in-store prices in seconds. Relieve your employees of the burden of manually updating paper price tags and allow them to focus on the tasks that really grow your business.

Improve your customer’s experience with accurate and reliable prices and effortless implement store promotions.

Key benefits

Save time and money with our modern electronic shelf labels system. Replace inefficient paper price tags with Quik digital infrastructure and keep prices in control.

Price tags simplified!

Quik’s modern infrastructure is based on state of the art technologies that hide all the technicalities you don’t need to be bothered with. Quik is the easiest way to keep your prices updated, implement promotions and improve in-store operations.

Maximum flexibility and efficiency in price updating

The manual process of updating shelf prices is extremely laborious, time consuming and inefficient. Quik automates this operational process so that shelf pricing updates get done in seconds with a minimum of effort.

Streamline processes

Quik smart labels help you streamline operational flows in order to increase the efficiency of your business and maintain your competitive position on the market. The solution allows you to update shelf prices and implement promotions in no time, with no manual labor.

Reliable prices have a name: Quik

Quik is 100% scalable. As you scale up and your volume of data and infrastructure needs increase, Quik grows with you. Quik is a complete end-to-end product that includes both hardware equipment and software platform.

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Create a better experience for your customers with Quik electronic shelf labels

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